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I have not written in a while. I have been on another journey to self. I am like everyone else, I have my good days and my bad days. The difference is I accept the bad days. I allow them to come and go and know and believe that everything will be ok. Each bad day leads to a deeper knowing of self.

I have known for a long time that life goes deeper than we could ever imagine, and I know that a lot is hidden from us.

I have been learning about the 12 strands of DNA, if they were all activated then we would be amazing people, not that we are not amazing anyway, we would be ‘whole’. We are amazing creatures, with the capacity to love so much and be so honest and respectful. A society was created and we leant to separate ourselves as countries, races, gender, age and we even managed to segregate ourselves from animals. We created the world we live in through our collective consciousness. The only way we can heal it is through that same collective consciousness.

We beat ourselves up emotionally and we have little or no emotional intelligence as a world. That is not saying that many individuals do not have emotional intelligence because there are many, but as a whole, we separate and divide rather love and come together. We have of course been programmed to do this through media, music and films and not to forget schools.

We as humans make mistakes but we have been taught to feel guilty forever. To carry our sins and never forgive ourselves. But that is just silly. The point of mistakes is to learn, we must have lessons so that we can go on and learn and grow as a spiritual being, regardless of what form that takes. We need mistakes and we to understand that really, mistakes are just lessons. We need to take the lesson, look at it truthfully and feel the emotions and then forgive ourselves and move on.

When a friend comes to us and tell us they have made a mistake, we do not sit there and say ‘Oh my god, your horrible, how could you do that. You just have to feel bad about that every day and I will remind you of how horrible you are. Every time you have a laugh or do something you enjoy I will remind you how horrible you are because of what you did’… Ok so you get my point?

What we would do is see our friends model of the world and try to understand why they did it, we would help then see many reasons why they may have done it, because we love them. We allow them to talk it through and we feel for them and maybe hug them or hold a hand. Yet to our own selves we throw abuse. Self talk is so important.

We have to love ourselves, not in an ego way, but in a way that allows you to treat yourself with so much love and respect. We show this by giving ourselves a nice talking to, a decent partner, loving home, a joyful job, decent supportive friends and then that is what you reflect in the world. When you reflect that in the world you are oooozing love and support for others, you help them heal their pain. You need to learn to do that with your self.



I have wanted to draw my whole life.  I am very art in the fact that I make cards, Jewellery etc.. but I wanted to be a pencil drawer. I wanted to learn shading and tones. I wanted to be an artist, but no matter how hard I tried, it never happened!  Then over the years I have learnt how to get over the emotional pain that I felt and have awakened spiritually.. and I think this is the result…

Then the other day, this happened!

Ok so they are not the worlds best pictures, but that means I can draw, if this is my first time of drawing… what will I be like in a year?

I LOVE the ability to just sit and create….

I have been well for a while. Then everyone around me got a cold, even people who had not been in contact with each other had the same symptoms as the rest of us who had.

We found that many people on the other side of the world had the same symptoms to and all on the same day…

I am now ill, not like a cold, not like a cough, like something I don’t really know, but I am coughing up yellow mucus and I have had an uncomfortable throat for days.

I believe this is a result of chemtrails. I believe whatever they have been spraying has caused this. MMS works in an instant and helps me cough up what ever I need to clear out so that I can breathe properly. I have no idea how I would cope without MMS.

People need to wake up and start doing their research into chemtrails. It is scary, but it is happening.

Chemtrails are poison that is sprayed into the air for whatever reason we don’t know.

Do your own research there is enough evidence all over the net, plenty of professionals who support the research.

Start here..

WAKE UP…… You NEED to… They are Killing us and it is no joke!!

What do you do when you know the whole world is a farce…?

I keep getting deleted for having my views about conspiracy theories! I post stuff on MY facebook page and people come to moan at me on MY space!!! My neighbour deleted me today. She has been acting funny with me for a while and word on the tiles is that there has been friction between us for some time, although I have been unaware of this. There certainly was no friction from me, that I know of!

She said she found herself looking at my status and reading what I posted, she got scared and said if she continued to take notice of it she may as well be dead!! I understand this feeling, I feel crazy alone sometimes, like no-one gets me over this stuff. She also said that she felt she could not approach me about it, yet I proved her wrong because she was stood there being open and honest, whilst I remained calm and loving to the soul of her.

She said she had been to the doctor and spent the week crying!! PLEASE…. this is not my fault, she had been listening to my conversations with people in my garden over the fence where we cannot see her. Being quiet not to let us hear the door… I live here, I know how muffled the neighbours sound when they talk, she must have been very still and straining to hear!!  So again I have to deal with people being asses. That’s 3 people in less than a week that has decided to do this because of what I post!!

I am a free spirit, I can do as I wish and these people chase me around, reading what I wrote… I have the right to post what I like, say what I like… when I like!!
I am a kind and loving human being, spreading the truth as I know it…. we all have our own truth, no need to attack mine!

I believe the whole world is a farce and the more I learn the scarier it gets, but I know in my gut it is the truth. I have never EVER been wrong on my gut feeling, not ever!

I want to move, but am trapped in a system that seems to own my ass! I don’t know what I am meant to do or how I am meant to do it. I know the answer is out there though! I know it!

I love the world in which we live and I KNOW we can somehow find a way to live in peace all over the world, I just don’t have the answers!! Someone must!

Ok, so I have had to take a really long hard look at my life lately. I am a survivor of child abuse. I have had my therapy and I feel I have healed that pain. I had Time Line Therapy at my NLP course and this helped me to eliminate any left over feelings I had from my previous therapy. I love the person I have become, although I still have much work to do. I would not change a thing about what I have been through or that would take part of me away…and I don’t want that. Ok so I know that sounds clique but that is so true.

I have learnt so much lately, in part because I was meant to, the time was right, but also because I have been on my awakening path for 14 years now. It all started with a book called One Day My Soul Just Opened Up by Iyanla Vanzant, it was the start of my journey. Well saying that, my journey had started as a young child. When I knew in my soul that the bible felt like a lie, that there was more to life than what I was being told… I knew there was more. I researched churches and religions and beliefs, trying to find an answer, trying to find a way for what the bible said to sit right in my gut!! But I could not find it. My heart was pure and full of love yet I could not find the way to make the outside world fit. Well over time I met a very wise old man called Fred, he suggested to me one day that I find my own things to believe in, what felt right in my gut was right for me. It was like someone was giving me permission to be me, not that I needed permission, but I was so damaged back then because I have been controlled by so many people, in so many ways and for so long,  that I did not know that there was a ‘real me’.  So I started to research at a much deeper level.

I had many experiences in my life, that I do not wish to go into right now, a later blog maybe, but I started to find things that fitted in my gut, in my soul, that connected with my higher self. It also gave me answers to the strange and amazing things that had happened to me.

I had some strange and weird opinions from others when I started to talk about where my research had taken me. I learnt about the government and the criminal justice system, even going to college studying law and a degree in criminal justice with psychology. Ok so I didn’t get my degree because I QUIT!! That’s right I quit and I quit because I learnt that there really was no criminal justice and the law was a joke.

I have suffered first hands at the system, that did me a huge injustice that will be with me for the rest of my life. The system is a joke. You only have to do your own research to know that they abuse us with money, or lack of it, poisons in our air through chem-trails . They immunise our children with mercury. They dumb us down with poison in our food and makeup, perfume and toothpaste. Even TV and the music you listen to. The list is endless.

We need to wake up to what our governments and the ‘real’ world leaders are up to. They don’t want us to be awake, or we would know about our own infinite power. We are infinite love and infinite consciousness. We are and always will be everything. We have the power, but we do not know we have it. We believe everything we are told to believe!!

I have done my research and I am now going to be using my blog to share what I have learnt. I will still keep up with MMS, but this has to be shared.

I think the greatest sin in the universe is to have knowledge about and for the world and to not share it. I believe we are all entitled to write, say and share whatever we want, to allow others to listen, do their own research and making up our own minds. Please respect me and my blog and leave all your negative stuff for other things that you do. This stuff sits true in my gut and I have researched for years. I always research both sides of the coin, although ultimately I believe what my gut feeling tells me.

I am going to start here…. the link to the book that started it for me and share some more links with you. I shall write more another day.

An introduction to David Icke… (lots more to come about him, Genius.)

This guy is a genius… I can’t wait to see him in September. If people DID their research they would see for themselves. If they took the time to read just one of his books they would see that what he says HAPPENS!! What he predicts comes true… This man KNOWS what he is talking about and it is only you who misses out if you don’t do your research because you stay part of the problems that you yourself moan about…





Chemtrails…. This is serious and people must learn about it.  Don’t take our word for it… Just look up at your skies at least 10 times during the day and you will see….





Remember they put the truth in front of you…. more chemtrails….





Well that’s it for this time, Thanks.

I am feeling so much better. I am still coughing stuff up, sometimes it is really horrible. Sometimes I get wheezy, if I do then I just miss the next dose of MMS. I am only using my inhaler once a day sometimes, twice. MMS can take away an asthma attack in me in less than a minuet. So that is what I feel better doing.

Mark’s hands are doing really well and he continues to do Clara’s 6&6 mix. His hands feel better each day and that includes working, doing building every day.

My friend Mel, who first told me about MMS is also seeing great results and she has almost all pain eradicated from her body and she is feeling the benefits for her IBS.

I am also so glad to tell you that my partner Sandi is taking it to. He has had a bad hip for 8 years and no doctor could help him, he has a cyst in the ball joint of his hip and MMS has taken most of the pain away.

Thanks again Jim…

I must be honest, I do still have some problems in understanding MMS. I have done so much research and I do enjoy reading about it. I used to get up and wait an hour before I took my MMS, every morning I would wake up needing so badly to breathe ok, so I would take my inhaler again and again. Now I get up and I take MMS straight away, no need for the inhaler.  The last few days I have had symptoms of a nose cold, although I know I don’t really have a cold. I have shifted so much phlegm and snot it is unreal… no seriously… my body was in a bad way. It is only now in week 7 of taking MMS that I realise how ill I used to be before taking MMS.  The aches and pains, the spots, the coughing, the blocked nose, the allergies, the slumped feeling I would have 24 hours a day. Now I feel alive, awake, my skin has had many compliments, I can feel the healing going on in my body… I feel great.

I currently take 3 drops every hour for 8 hours.

I hope people see how great MMS is and do their own research.  I FEEL ALIVE!


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