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Well as I mentioned I joined Macmillan, I followed the rules and did what I was meant to and yet today I got booted!!

In this country, this WORLD we are MADE to be quiet when we speak the truth.

MMS is that powerful that it is banned in Canada (so I read online yesterday… ) and soon in USA with the Codex coming into play!!

Just do your own research and if you have terminal cancer… this will help you, Chemo and radiotherapy will kill you quicker!! Learn to see what is going on around you!! Freedom does not exist unless we demand it!!


When I was 16 years old, a school friend was murdered by someone we knew. This shocked me to the core and changed who I was forever.  As I grew up I became obsessed with serial killers and stories of emotional pain. Then in my mid 20’s I started to look into the victims side, what it was like to be them. I started to read about the families of victims, how sometimes their last words were those of arguments.  This made me feel so sad. Imagine the person you love being murdered, and the last thing you said was words of anger, hate, frustration!! That scared me and I knew I wanted to never ever leave things in that way! Obviously with growing up I realised that death was not just about murder, but anything, at any time! There are 100’s of ways to die and death comes when it wants to!!

So I learnt from this and decided that I wanted to learn the art of conversation, and arguments. My relationship at this time was with a man who was having none of my new found wisdom. I used to beg him not to leave on an argument. He just did it all the more to hurt me.  Now the man I am with is amazing. almost 7 years together. Now we don’t argue, but back in the day when we did he would not walk out, he would sit in the garden instead. He respected my fear.

Out of this fear was born a kindness that I cannot explain. I don’t think about death in the way I used to, it is second nature to me to be kind to everyone now.  I will smile at the lady at the super market and say a nice heartfelt thankyou. I maybe the only person to do that day and what if she was to die on the way home??

I make sure that I give my kids love and kisses on the way out the door without fail… this comes from Dunblane!! I remember that day so well, My eldest son was due to start school a few months later. I wonder how many kids didn’t have a cuddle from their mum or dad that morning before they were killed!!  I wonder how many mums and dads lived with such HUGE regrets because they did not have the time to be kind to their kids.

I do not think about death, I think about life, and I live it, but I live it with care. I make sure that those I love feel loved by me, it is important for people to know that they matter. I extend my kindness to as many people as I can, random strangers, shop workers, school teachers, other parents…. I have to, it’s in me and life is about love and sharing, that is a gift we all have, to love and share with others.

Human beings are so scared of what the world has become, they stay afraid, unloved and alone. Life has more meaning than this and it is my job, from my heart to go and put as much kindness and love into the world as I can..

oh and this leads me to these guys…

These are the LOVE POLICE… that is the cheesiest name I have ever heard, but these guys are awesome, awesome, awesome… I love them, they are great… look for yourself!!

Freedom! How much freedom do you think we have??

I guess it depends on how you see freedom! For me freedom is inner peace, to be free of the hustle and bustle of the world. To know that people can do what they want but they cannot touch my soul, freedom is in my soul. Freedom is free of pain and suffering, anger and war!!

I thought I would share this movie link with you, it’s called the ‘Freedom Movie’ and it is pretty good stuff, ways to free your life up as well as a look into what is happening in our world. The world needs to be FREE of pain and anger and only know love and joy!

This is part one of four. But worth watching. It allows us to know what we can do about the world. It talks about Chem Trails, government, conspiracy, and people who have done amazing things and yet been killed!!

Ok so that sounds heavy… but it is worth it!!

I have many things I want to post about love and peace, but I feel this is important and should come first!!

So … I read today.. ‘What would I go back and say to a 17 year me’? Having all the knowledge I have now and all the life lessons.. what would I say to me back then if I could travel back to me now?

I would tell my 17-year-old self that its ok to make any mistakes that I was going to make, as each mistake would turn out to be a blessing in the form of a lesson… that with each torrent of emotional pain would come the most amazing choices and learnings and inner strength. I would tell the 17-year-old me to embrace life and not be afraid of life or self or others. I would encourage that me to never care what others thought of me… I would tell me, most of all, that I love me, always have done, I just didn’t see it before.
I would tell me that patience will come, peace will come, self-respect and love will come, as will enjoyment, enlightenment, beauty and emotional intelligence.
I would tell me that life is short, so get dancing and never let anyone try to stop you being yourself, don’t give your emotions over to the power of someone else. I would tell me that I am amazing and unique and that life is a choice and we should choose to live it!!…

I would tell me to stick to the same path, I would not change a thing, I would remind me to forgive sooner, and let go easier….
I would encourage me to stay the same, not to change for anyone but me… so life could become as magical as it has!!


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