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I am feeling so much better. I am still coughing stuff up, sometimes it is really horrible. Sometimes I get wheezy, if I do then I just miss the next dose of MMS. I am only using my inhaler once a day sometimes, twice. MMS can take away an asthma attack in me in less than a minuet. So that is what I feel better doing.

Mark’s hands are doing really well and he continues to do Clara’s 6&6 mix. His hands feel better each day and that includes working, doing building every day.

My friend Mel, who first told me about MMS is also seeing great results and she has almost all pain eradicated from her body and she is feeling the benefits for her IBS.

I am also so glad to tell you that my partner Sandi is taking it to. He has had a bad hip for 8 years and no doctor could help him, he has a cyst in the ball joint of his hip and MMS has taken most of the pain away.

Thanks again Jim…


On the 9th April I started taking MMS. I have been taking 3 drops every 2 hours. As I have got better I have got slack and have sometimes missed hours of taking it. Well the last 4 days my asthma has got a lot worse and I have been coughing a lot of mucus up. Today I decided to get with the programme and I am taking 2 drops every hour. I have done some more research and found that it does not matter how or when I take it, it matters that I take it.

So then I found this….

and now I know I am doing the right thing, staying on track with it and I also know it may take a lot longer yet!! I am prepared for that! I cannot wait to heal from this, I know I will.

As always I will keep you updated, I am sticking with the hourly at the moment, I want this crap off my chest!!

Well as I mentioned I joined Macmillan, I followed the rules and did what I was meant to and yet today I got booted!!

In this country, this WORLD we are MADE to be quiet when we speak the truth.

MMS is that powerful that it is banned in Canada (so I read online yesterday… ) and soon in USA with the Codex coming into play!!

Just do your own research and if you have terminal cancer… this will help you, Chemo and radiotherapy will kill you quicker!! Learn to see what is going on around you!! Freedom does not exist unless we demand it!!

Well I believe in healing the body with the mind, I really do, but I have also learnt that takes time and right now I do not have time. I admit also that learning to do this and maintaining it takes time… I have not learnt enough yet!

Back in the 2nd week of January I had a Bronchial infection and was given steroids by my Dr. They were prednisone, and at first they did not work, the nurse knowingly gave me more, knowing they would lower my immune system. That infection got better, but within days I had an awful head cold.  I stated to have one illness after another. I had NO idea why I have been so ill over the last few months. I can be feeling better and BANG…. there goes another illness. I have had every type of cold and chest infection, sinus infections and a burning sensation all over my skin. I have felt so rotten for the longest time and now I feel like I am on the up thanks to Miracle Mineral Supplement.

I have some of Jim Humbles MMS, and I have been taking it for 3 days. Already I feel so much better. The burning feeling has now gone, my mucus is becoming clear. I FEEL so much better in myself. I have done so much research into this, and I believe in it 100%. I feel it is my job to share it with everyone I come across.  I do not understand how this is not more heard of. It is a bit upsetting when you have friends who have HIV and they won’t even look into it because they follow the masses and don’t understand that the truth is kept from us.

Well I have decided to keep you up to date with how it is going. I will say this, it tastes FOUL… so get some apple juice to mix it with …. the book explains why you cannot us orange juice etc!


Freedom! How much freedom do you think we have??

I guess it depends on how you see freedom! For me freedom is inner peace, to be free of the hustle and bustle of the world. To know that people can do what they want but they cannot touch my soul, freedom is in my soul. Freedom is free of pain and suffering, anger and war!!

I thought I would share this movie link with you, it’s called the ‘Freedom Movie’ and it is pretty good stuff, ways to free your life up as well as a look into what is happening in our world. The world needs to be FREE of pain and anger and only know love and joy!

This is part one of four. But worth watching. It allows us to know what we can do about the world. It talks about Chem Trails, government, conspiracy, and people who have done amazing things and yet been killed!!

Ok so that sounds heavy… but it is worth it!!

I have many things I want to post about love and peace, but I feel this is important and should come first!!

People think it is a little silly talking to themselves. Yet we talk to ourselves all the time.

We say things like…

“What shall I do today?”

“What can I wear out tonight?”

“I wonder what he is doing now?”

“Oh did I leave the cooker on?”

“I look fat in this”

“Oh I hate that girl”

So as you can see, hundreds and hundreds of times a day we speak to ourselves. Sometimes we have a two-way conversation going on with ourselves. Depending on your model of the world and how you see things will depend on what you say to yourself.

One of the first things I teach my clients is to talk to themselves in a nice way. To become their own best friend.

I suggest to them to take their own advice but take away the emotions that they have connected to the outcome or solution. What would they say to their dearest friend in the same situation as any you may face?

I used to hate myself, everything about me, I had the most awful time and allowed people to treat me in the most awful ways. But then one day all that changed and I knew I had to make a lot of changes in my life!!

From the day I started to act as my friend I began to heal. I stopped listening to what others thought of me and started to seek my own approval. I used to hate who I was and lets face it, when it comes to looking at ourselves for personal growth, very rarely do we like who we are. This is because until the moment you decide you want to take a journey to yourself and learn about the person you really are, you are really a product of everyone elses making. Your full of negative stuff passed on to you from your parents and friends and anyone else who was a part of your life. You carry all these things inside of you. In your subconscious mind, your conscious mind, your cells and every fibre of your being. You carry this  negativity around with you all your life, maybe acting in ways you don’t want to. Having behaviours that you just don’t understand. Thoughts that you hate but cannot get rid of.

Your life can seem like it is not yours, it can seem like every one thinks they know best for you, you never know who to listen to and you always get confused. Well then it is no wonder that when you really look at yourself you are someone you do not like, you are now a part of all the negative things in other  peoples lives rolled into one.. and that’s where you start from when you want to journey to self and find out who you are!!!

This is enough to make people back off from improving their lives. People have little or no self-esteem and no confidence so it is hard at that point to know where to go.

My clients go through an awful lot sometimes, telling themselves every day for 30 days how wonderful they are and changing their self talk. 30 days is what it takes to convince the subconscious mind that the new self talk is fact…

This is amazing, there are many good things to say to oneself everydayand many ways to be kind to yourself. You already do the self talk, so just make it nice.

Becoming your own best friend will transform your life forever!! You cannot ever go back to old ways of thinking.


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