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I have been well for a while. Then everyone around me got a cold, even people who had not been in contact with each other had the same symptoms as the rest of us who had.

We found that many people on the other side of the world had the same symptoms to and all on the same day…

I am now ill, not like a cold, not like a cough, like something I don’t really know, but I am coughing up yellow mucus and I have had an uncomfortable throat for days.

I believe this is a result of chemtrails. I believe whatever they have been spraying has caused this. MMS works in an instant and helps me cough up what ever I need to clear out so that I can breathe properly. I have no idea how I would cope without MMS.

People need to wake up and start doing their research into chemtrails. It is scary, but it is happening.

Chemtrails are poison that is sprayed into the air for whatever reason we don’t know.

Do your own research there is enough evidence all over the net, plenty of professionals who support the research.

Start here..

WAKE UP…… You NEED to… They are Killing us and it is no joke!!


Well, what can I say?? MMS, or Water purification as it is now being called is just simply amazing. I, myself have got down to 2 drops a day, twice a day. Every now and then I cough up phlegm, not much and not often, Just as I need to.

People need to wake up to what the pharmaceutical companies are doing. MMS is a cure in my opinion. Everything the doctor gave me did not work, and this MMS is amazing and has given me back my life. My asthma was so bad, my immune system was shot to death and now I feel on top of the world.

Pharmaceutical companies do not deal in cures, there is no money in a cure. I have watched first hand what this can do for other illnesses like arthritis, headaches, hay fever, asthma, etc … this is one of those chances that you would want to take… the only things you ever regret are the chances that you do not take….

Please feel free to ask questions, I would be more than willing to help. In fact I have been asked to sell it over here and I think I may just do that.

I Thank Jim Humble from the bottom of my heart, I admit I was scared to start with, but with his help and his website I was informed every step of the way about what to do.

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. The new mixture is great, a one and one mixture that is ready to drink with non concentrated apple juice after only 20 seconds. You feel the healing straight away, well I did, as did all my friends that now take it. Some people brought it just in case they may need it in the future… they saw what it did for me and that was that!!

On the 9th April I started taking MMS. I have been taking 3 drops every 2 hours. As I have got better I have got slack and have sometimes missed hours of taking it. Well the last 4 days my asthma has got a lot worse and I have been coughing a lot of mucus up. Today I decided to get with the programme and I am taking 2 drops every hour. I have done some more research and found that it does not matter how or when I take it, it matters that I take it.

So then I found this….

and now I know I am doing the right thing, staying on track with it and I also know it may take a lot longer yet!! I am prepared for that! I cannot wait to heal from this, I know I will.

As always I will keep you updated, I am sticking with the hourly at the moment, I want this crap off my chest!!

Well as I mentioned I joined Macmillan, I followed the rules and did what I was meant to and yet today I got booted!!

In this country, this WORLD we are MADE to be quiet when we speak the truth.

MMS is that powerful that it is banned in Canada (so I read online yesterday… ) and soon in USA with the Codex coming into play!!

Just do your own research and if you have terminal cancer… this will help you, Chemo and radiotherapy will kill you quicker!! Learn to see what is going on around you!! Freedom does not exist unless we demand it!!

MMS Update.

Posted on: April 29, 2010

Well Things are going really well. The last few days have been a bit harder. I did my 2 weeks detox and then I woke up at 4.30 am with an asthma attack. Now I have been a bit chesty since then, but still only a small percent in comparison to usual.

I have canceled my repeat prescription of inhalers. I do not think I will need them. This can take some time and I have only been at it for 3 weeks. Only I know my body and I know how I feel. I feel great,  I have more energy, I have not had to take one hay fever tablet. I am also allergic to cats, and I can hold my friends VERY fluffy cat and be fine!! Its great.

I am still coughing up phlegm… YUCK! but I know I am clearing my body out.I also seem to have shifted my sinus infection! Only time can tell…

I hope word catches on, I hope more people with serious illnesses learns about MMS and at least gives it a try.

I have a friend whom I have known for 24 years, who has HIV and he refuses to even try….. I don’t get it. I know that MMS is building my immune system bit by bit!!

Thanks Jim…

My Asthma is all but gone… what more can I say??

I can run and not need my inhaler  after, I have not been able to do this for 20 years. I am feeling great, although still ill and detoxing. I can breathe, I still have the odd time where I would use my inhaler, but I don’t take it, I just fill my lungs with huge deep breaths a few times and it is fine. I sleep better. I now have my sinus infection really coming out, I have the physical symptoms but none of the dreary, tired stuff that comes with these head illnesses. For me, after taking it for just over a week and to have my lungs as clear as they are is amazing, a miracle for me.

I will keep you updated.

Well I believe in healing the body with the mind, I really do, but I have also learnt that takes time and right now I do not have time. I admit also that learning to do this and maintaining it takes time… I have not learnt enough yet!

Back in the 2nd week of January I had a Bronchial infection and was given steroids by my Dr. They were prednisone, and at first they did not work, the nurse knowingly gave me more, knowing they would lower my immune system. That infection got better, but within days I had an awful head cold.  I stated to have one illness after another. I had NO idea why I have been so ill over the last few months. I can be feeling better and BANG…. there goes another illness. I have had every type of cold and chest infection, sinus infections and a burning sensation all over my skin. I have felt so rotten for the longest time and now I feel like I am on the up thanks to Miracle Mineral Supplement.

I have some of Jim Humbles MMS, and I have been taking it for 3 days. Already I feel so much better. The burning feeling has now gone, my mucus is becoming clear. I FEEL so much better in myself. I have done so much research into this, and I believe in it 100%. I feel it is my job to share it with everyone I come across.  I do not understand how this is not more heard of. It is a bit upsetting when you have friends who have HIV and they won’t even look into it because they follow the masses and don’t understand that the truth is kept from us.

Well I have decided to keep you up to date with how it is going. I will say this, it tastes FOUL… so get some apple juice to mix it with …. the book explains why you cannot us orange juice etc!



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