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Well… I have a dell laptop… I have had it a little over 2 years… I have a 3 year Warranty..

The laptop has been fixed 3 times. Now it needs fixing again. It has already had 2 mother boards in 14 months. Now it needs another. Now Dell have offered to take it away for 7 days and fix it and test it. This is great, I am not ungrateful for this, but this is also not possible. I need my laptop for work, no laptop = no work = no food to feed my family… anyway.. I have been in talks with a guy, who hung up on me then denied it… this is the monkey.. I did message the organ grinder, Mr Dell himself, seems he is way to busy to answer the phone.. or respond to an e-mail.. seems he is too important to talk to as the ‘helper dude’ says I am not ‘allowed’ to speak to him… sure if I had money he would…

I have had enough, I have asked for a new laptop,  or a refurbished one, but they refuse, offering me the one think I have repeatedly told them I cannot do.

I am a spiritual life coach and couples counsellor I help people for free and earn little money in other ways. I have nothing, yet I give everything I can and everything I have for nothing in return… I do not honestly understand how any company or human can behave in this way!!

I will highly recommend that NO-One go to DELL… if you research you will find THOUSANDS of complaints online… I just wish I had researched the company in the beginning rather than the laptop itself.. I am now putting in an official complaint, I feel discriminated against because I am poor… I am also going to trading standards. This is causing me stress and losing me money because the laptop needs constant re-booting…

Oh well rant over…. DELL SUCK!!



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