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I have not written in a while. I have been on another journey to self. I am like everyone else, I have my good days and my bad days. The difference is I accept the bad days. I allow them to come and go and know and believe that everything will be ok. Each bad day leads to a deeper knowing of self.

I have known for a long time that life goes deeper than we could ever imagine, and I know that a lot is hidden from us.

I have been learning about the 12 strands of DNA, if they were all activated then we would be amazing people, not that we are not amazing anyway, we would be ‘whole’. We are amazing creatures, with the capacity to love so much and be so honest and respectful. A society was created and we leant to separate ourselves as countries, races, gender, age and we even managed to segregate ourselves from animals. We created the world we live in through our collective consciousness. The only way we can heal it is through that same collective consciousness.

We beat ourselves up emotionally and we have little or no emotional intelligence as a world. That is not saying that many individuals do not have emotional intelligence because there are many, but as a whole, we separate and divide rather love and come together. We have of course been programmed to do this through media, music and films and not to forget schools.

We as humans make mistakes but we have been taught to feel guilty forever. To carry our sins and never forgive ourselves. But that is just silly. The point of mistakes is to learn, we must have lessons so that we can go on and learn and grow as a spiritual being, regardless of what form that takes. We need mistakes and we to understand that really, mistakes are just lessons. We need to take the lesson, look at it truthfully and feel the emotions and then forgive ourselves and move on.

When a friend comes to us and tell us they have made a mistake, we do not sit there and say ‘Oh my god, your horrible, how could you do that. You just have to feel bad about that every day and I will remind you of how horrible you are. Every time you have a laugh or do something you enjoy I will remind you how horrible you are because of what you did’… Ok so you get my point?

What we would do is see our friends model of the world and try to understand why they did it, we would help then see many reasons why they may have done it, because we love them. We allow them to talk it through and we feel for them and maybe hug them or hold a hand. Yet to our own selves we throw abuse. Self talk is so important.

We have to love ourselves, not in an ego way, but in a way that allows you to treat yourself with so much love and respect. We show this by giving ourselves a nice talking to, a decent partner, loving home, a joyful job, decent supportive friends and then that is what you reflect in the world. When you reflect that in the world you are oooozing love and support for others, you help them heal their pain. You need to learn to do that with your self.



What do you do when you know the whole world is a farce…?

I keep getting deleted for having my views about conspiracy theories! I post stuff on MY facebook page and people come to moan at me on MY space!!! My neighbour deleted me today. She has been acting funny with me for a while and word on the tiles is that there has been friction between us for some time, although I have been unaware of this. There certainly was no friction from me, that I know of!

She said she found herself looking at my status and reading what I posted, she got scared and said if she continued to take notice of it she may as well be dead!! I understand this feeling, I feel crazy alone sometimes, like no-one gets me over this stuff. She also said that she felt she could not approach me about it, yet I proved her wrong because she was stood there being open and honest, whilst I remained calm and loving to the soul of her.

She said she had been to the doctor and spent the week crying!! PLEASE…. this is not my fault, she had been listening to my conversations with people in my garden over the fence where we cannot see her. Being quiet not to let us hear the door… I live here, I know how muffled the neighbours sound when they talk, she must have been very still and straining to hear!!  So again I have to deal with people being asses. That’s 3 people in less than a week that has decided to do this because of what I post!!

I am a free spirit, I can do as I wish and these people chase me around, reading what I wrote… I have the right to post what I like, say what I like… when I like!!
I am a kind and loving human being, spreading the truth as I know it…. we all have our own truth, no need to attack mine!

I believe the whole world is a farce and the more I learn the scarier it gets, but I know in my gut it is the truth. I have never EVER been wrong on my gut feeling, not ever!

I want to move, but am trapped in a system that seems to own my ass! I don’t know what I am meant to do or how I am meant to do it. I know the answer is out there though! I know it!

I love the world in which we live and I KNOW we can somehow find a way to live in peace all over the world, I just don’t have the answers!! Someone must!

On the 9th April I started taking MMS. I have been taking 3 drops every 2 hours. As I have got better I have got slack and have sometimes missed hours of taking it. Well the last 4 days my asthma has got a lot worse and I have been coughing a lot of mucus up. Today I decided to get with the programme and I am taking 2 drops every hour. I have done some more research and found that it does not matter how or when I take it, it matters that I take it.

So then I found this….

and now I know I am doing the right thing, staying on track with it and I also know it may take a lot longer yet!! I am prepared for that! I cannot wait to heal from this, I know I will.

As always I will keep you updated, I am sticking with the hourly at the moment, I want this crap off my chest!!

Well as I mentioned I joined Macmillan, I followed the rules and did what I was meant to and yet today I got booted!!

In this country, this WORLD we are MADE to be quiet when we speak the truth.

MMS is that powerful that it is banned in Canada (so I read online yesterday… ) and soon in USA with the Codex coming into play!!

Just do your own research and if you have terminal cancer… this will help you, Chemo and radiotherapy will kill you quicker!! Learn to see what is going on around you!! Freedom does not exist unless we demand it!!

Love is the key to everything. Regardless of what we feel, that feeling will be driven by one of 2 emotions, LOVE or FEAR. Every negative emotion, sadness, anger etc all comes from fear. All positive emotions come from love.

The time will come, in the not to distant future when you will have a choice, a side to pick, a cause to support and that will be LOVE or FEAR. One of these will win, the world can be taken over by Love, and peace will fall upon the masses, or Fear will win, and things will get worse than they are, MUCH worse.  We have to decide where we want to be, and that means standing up for whats right, regardless of people mocking us.

The world is in meltdown and people are destroying each other all of the time. Sadly this cannot change until we pick a side. We will have to choose what side we want to stand up for. If we choose love the world can become a better place, a world that we were meant to be a part of.  If we continue to live in fear then fear will spread, fear breeds destruction and if we continue to live in fear then we will continue to support those that hurt themselves and others.  We have to be the change that we want to see in the world. We have to connect with others of like-mindedness and support our cause to heal ourselves and those around us which in turn will travel out into the world and become the world we want to see, feel, love and be a part of.

We cannot even continue to support governments that create war, governments that hide the truth from us about our own healing abilities, natural medicines, freedom, choices… it is all taken from us and we don’t have a choice to make our world a better place to live in with the answers being hidden from us.

Our bodies can cure Cancer, AIDS, HIV, Diabetes etc, our mind is a very powerful tool and we have no idea how to really access it all, information that is available, but just not to us.  I feel the answer to a lot of things are hidden from us. We should be taught from birth about the power of the universe and the power of our minds.

The universe has amazing power, and to back up that theory I will say this… the Moon turns the tide, a flower grows effortlessly as do trees!!  Look at how a child grows in the womb of its mother. There is magic all around us, including in the hearts of those that are out there wanting to help people heal their hearts to help make a better world.

Life, Living, Love and People are my passion, when the time comes I will be on the side of love, I choose love everyday. Love is the most powerful emotion of all, Love supports, heals, helps, trusts, enables everything we do.

Love is the Key, love is everything good and positive. Everyday I teach people about Love, how easy it really is to feel it and be it.

We are love, we have just forgotten that we are love. It is time to CHOOSE …. Love or Fear…

I choose love, I choose to be the changes I want to see. I choose to seek like-minded people to become part of something great and wonderful… I choose LIFE!!

The awakening process is one that is unique to the individual, everyone’s experience is different. Depending on your model of  the world, depends on your awakening experience.  Some people have just a flicker, and some have a huge intense ah-ha moment and life changes forever. You find something that makes you know that there is more to life than this!! What ever ‘this’ means to you. This is where some people find God, or Buddha! I believe in the power of the universe. After all, the moon turns the tide and that is magical!!

I was 7 when I knew there had to be more. I had an experience that I cannot explain really. I was 7 and I was laid on my bed crying, begging God to kill me. I had already been abused by 2 people at this point, on a regular basis. Suddenly the room went white and I knew that  everything was going to be OK.  I believe we are all made of the same thing, we are all part of the same thing.  Back then as a Kid I never told anyone about that white light. I gained a really good intuition as a kid to, to the point people thought I was a freak!!

My ah-ha moments  have been huge sometimes, life changing things. I can hear or read one sentence and that can be a life changing thing. Like… ‘Do what you have always done and you will get what you have always got!’  That was enough to change a lot in my life, including my long-term ‘dysfunctional’ relationship.

So, it happens when the time is right, and sometimes it might not seem that way. Sometimes we want to fight or resist what is going on, but we also know deep down that what is happening is necessary and it will end, and all will be as it should be.

We always find someone we don’t like when we look at ourselves, and that is what our path is about. Looking at who we are, finding out what makes us tick, eliminating negative behaviour and thoughts. trying on a new idea or behaviour and seeing how it fits. We don’t know where to start at first and we look to books and dvd’s and we find snippets that help, a kind word or a sentence. But the answers, the real answers are in us. Everything we need to know is there and we can hear the answers by meditation or quiet time. Just relaxing and listening to our higher selves. This is why being your own best friend helps.

As time goes by you begin to trust yourself to learn what you need to learn. This is when the fun begins, this is when you begin to seek new things on PURPOSE and you expand your comfort zone and try more and more new things. You begin to see how the past fits in your life, the emotional pain becomes less because you KNOW that it all happened for a reason…….  All of it happened the way it was meant to, it happened because it made you who you are and through the awakening process you learn to not only LIKE who you are, but you LOVE who you are.

Life becomes fun. That is what life should be… FUN!!

When I was 16 years old, a school friend was murdered by someone we knew. This shocked me to the core and changed who I was forever.  As I grew up I became obsessed with serial killers and stories of emotional pain. Then in my mid 20’s I started to look into the victims side, what it was like to be them. I started to read about the families of victims, how sometimes their last words were those of arguments.  This made me feel so sad. Imagine the person you love being murdered, and the last thing you said was words of anger, hate, frustration!! That scared me and I knew I wanted to never ever leave things in that way! Obviously with growing up I realised that death was not just about murder, but anything, at any time! There are 100’s of ways to die and death comes when it wants to!!

So I learnt from this and decided that I wanted to learn the art of conversation, and arguments. My relationship at this time was with a man who was having none of my new found wisdom. I used to beg him not to leave on an argument. He just did it all the more to hurt me.  Now the man I am with is amazing. almost 7 years together. Now we don’t argue, but back in the day when we did he would not walk out, he would sit in the garden instead. He respected my fear.

Out of this fear was born a kindness that I cannot explain. I don’t think about death in the way I used to, it is second nature to me to be kind to everyone now.  I will smile at the lady at the super market and say a nice heartfelt thankyou. I maybe the only person to do that day and what if she was to die on the way home??

I make sure that I give my kids love and kisses on the way out the door without fail… this comes from Dunblane!! I remember that day so well, My eldest son was due to start school a few months later. I wonder how many kids didn’t have a cuddle from their mum or dad that morning before they were killed!!  I wonder how many mums and dads lived with such HUGE regrets because they did not have the time to be kind to their kids.

I do not think about death, I think about life, and I live it, but I live it with care. I make sure that those I love feel loved by me, it is important for people to know that they matter. I extend my kindness to as many people as I can, random strangers, shop workers, school teachers, other parents…. I have to, it’s in me and life is about love and sharing, that is a gift we all have, to love and share with others.

Human beings are so scared of what the world has become, they stay afraid, unloved and alone. Life has more meaning than this and it is my job, from my heart to go and put as much kindness and love into the world as I can..

oh and this leads me to these guys…

These are the LOVE POLICE… that is the cheesiest name I have ever heard, but these guys are awesome, awesome, awesome… I love them, they are great… look for yourself!!


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