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I have been well for a while. Then everyone around me got a cold, even people who had not been in contact with each other had the same symptoms as the rest of us who had.

We found that many people on the other side of the world had the same symptoms to and all on the same day…

I am now ill, not like a cold, not like a cough, like something I don’t really know, but I am coughing up yellow mucus and I have had an uncomfortable throat for days.

I believe this is a result of chemtrails. I believe whatever they have been spraying has caused this. MMS works in an instant and helps me cough up what ever I need to clear out so that I can breathe properly. I have no idea how I would cope without MMS.

People need to wake up and start doing their research into chemtrails. It is scary, but it is happening.

Chemtrails are poison that is sprayed into the air for whatever reason we don’t know.

Do your own research there is enough evidence all over the net, plenty of professionals who support the research.

Start here..

WAKE UP…… You NEED to… They are Killing us and it is no joke!!


I believe that when we learn something new that can help others, then it is our job to pay it forward and tell others, so in turn they get the same help you we just got, if they need it of course.

Well, I get laughed at, people even get angry with me, but I have to speak the truth. My friend with HIV is almost mad at me because I told him about MMS. I mean to say.. I know what I am talking about, only I know my illness and only I know how quickly I have got well. I am in my 4th week and I am AMAZINGLY better, it blows my mind. I have read so many stories about people who have healed, no-one has anything negative to say except for the young man who only took it for 13 days!!!!!

I joined Macmillan cancer site today, I have lost people through cancer, I am not a hoax, I am someone who NEEDS people to know they have other choices than what the WHO and the Doctors say. There are other ways. If people would just LOOK  into this, just one hour out of their lives to search MMS, then SO many people would buy it.

It is VERY cheap… £26 inc postage for 2 months supply! And the most amazing things is by the end of day one you start to feel better.

My asthma is better. My allergies have GONE, 20 years of dreading every season because I was allergic to Cats, Dogs, Dust, Evergreens and grass. Now I can hold my friends fluffy cat and NOTHING!! Can walk through my friends farm, NOTHING. Can sit in cut grass NOTHING! I have NO allergies, not even to dust!

My sinus infection that I had for months GONE. My painful Bronchial no longer hurt. I have more energy, my headaches have gone! My dull ache in my ear that I had for 4 months GONE!!

Pain is easing in my joints.  My skin is clearing up, I am 38 years old and have awful spots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But my skin is clearing up!

I just feel so helpless sometimes to help people, but this is one thing I know I can tell others about and the choice is then theirs!


I have spent some over the last few weeks working with a girl who was classed as terminally ill. I don’t believe in terminal illnesses.  Firstly I believe that EVERY illness we have comes from emotions. From Cancer to asthma and from spots to weight issues, it all comes from what we feel. I have done so much research over the last few months about cancer and I have read many many testimonials about how people have healed their bodies from thoughts alone. Then there are those who use Bob Beck’s Silver Pulser, or Jim Humble’s MMS, they overcome HUGE odds. People were told they had WEEKS to live and healed and got over what ever dis-ease was taking over their bodies.

This stuff works with Cancer, HIV, AIDS, Malaria, and many many other illnesses.

I worked with this young girls family and her. We shall call her Poppy. She had the most amazing smile, the most AMAZING energy I have ever seen in anyone. It oozed from her, she shone. I knew the day I met her that she could get over this if she wanted to. She was 25 years old and had skin cancer that had traveled into her body and had hit major organs.

Her dad ordered the MMS, by the time he got it to her though, they had delivered two doses of poison – radiotherapy and she went to sleep, filled with pain ‘killers’ and Tuesday the 23rd of March .. she died, 4 days after the radiotherapy had been administered.  A girl who had so long ahead of her was suddenly gone. We never even had the chance to give her the MMS, it’s not that it arrived to late, it was the hospital staff,  they were treating her as someone who was dying. They told me they gave her treatment to make the ‘quality’ of her life better. In fact I believe the radiotherapy was what killed her, she did not die from cancer.  If they had left her with the pain killers for now and let us get in there with the MMS I believe it would have been different.   As someone who follows their gut instinct I feel that MMS was the way forward for her.

I feel robbed of the chance to help her, I feel robbed of the chance to show people that they can heal against all odds. Sadly her family have lost more, they have lost a sister, daughter, cousin, a future, grandchildren, her wedding… All I lost were chances!

I have no idea why I feel a deep NEED to help people, maybe it is because I have been through too much in my life. I know people need support. People need someone to make sense of all the craziness that is going on in their lives. When people look at their pain and get past who they have become, let go, heal and forgive self and others they achieve a sense of peace and love that they never thought was possible. When someone heals their emotions they feel better physically too.  I want to help as many people as I can. I have kids and I want them to grow up in a place that feels safe, and I know I won’t see all the changes in my life time, but I know huge changes will happen and that will still benefit each generation to come, meaning my great great great grandchildren will benefit from it in a way that we cannot comprehend.

I believe the world has to get better because everything has a cycle, EVERYTHING! So it only seems logical to believe that humankind will go back around to peace and love. People will go back to old ancient ways of healing. The world will wake up to the government and why the world is in the mess it is. The mess is caused by Fear. All negative emotions come from fear, all positive emotions come from LOVE. We will have to pick a side, love or hate! Who wants to be angry, hateful, revengeful, depressed, ill, dying or sad? Right, no-one.

We all need to be aware of what our emotions cause to others and ourselves. We all need to heal our emotional pain and all negative emotions will go. I know it will, it worked on me and many many hundreds of thousands of others. I think this why I chose the courses I have, to put what I went through into a place where I could use it to help other people. With each person I have helped, the world has become a better place. Each person I help, will be able to help others and so the ripple effect goes on!

The one thing I learnt about the young girl who died yesterday, is that there really are nice wonderful people in the world. I was already a friend of her sisters, but now I have become firm friends with her dad, and although I would never wish the loss of a loved one on anyone – I am not sorry I met him. He is a wonderful gentle man and I love him, he is like the best dad ever. So although a loss has happened I know we have found a friendship that will last a lifetime.

The awakening process is one that is unique to the individual, everyone’s experience is different. Depending on your model of  the world, depends on your awakening experience.  Some people have just a flicker, and some have a huge intense ah-ha moment and life changes forever. You find something that makes you know that there is more to life than this!! What ever ‘this’ means to you. This is where some people find God, or Buddha! I believe in the power of the universe. After all, the moon turns the tide and that is magical!!

I was 7 when I knew there had to be more. I had an experience that I cannot explain really. I was 7 and I was laid on my bed crying, begging God to kill me. I had already been abused by 2 people at this point, on a regular basis. Suddenly the room went white and I knew that  everything was going to be OK.  I believe we are all made of the same thing, we are all part of the same thing.  Back then as a Kid I never told anyone about that white light. I gained a really good intuition as a kid to, to the point people thought I was a freak!!

My ah-ha moments  have been huge sometimes, life changing things. I can hear or read one sentence and that can be a life changing thing. Like… ‘Do what you have always done and you will get what you have always got!’  That was enough to change a lot in my life, including my long-term ‘dysfunctional’ relationship.

So, it happens when the time is right, and sometimes it might not seem that way. Sometimes we want to fight or resist what is going on, but we also know deep down that what is happening is necessary and it will end, and all will be as it should be.

We always find someone we don’t like when we look at ourselves, and that is what our path is about. Looking at who we are, finding out what makes us tick, eliminating negative behaviour and thoughts. trying on a new idea or behaviour and seeing how it fits. We don’t know where to start at first and we look to books and dvd’s and we find snippets that help, a kind word or a sentence. But the answers, the real answers are in us. Everything we need to know is there and we can hear the answers by meditation or quiet time. Just relaxing and listening to our higher selves. This is why being your own best friend helps.

As time goes by you begin to trust yourself to learn what you need to learn. This is when the fun begins, this is when you begin to seek new things on PURPOSE and you expand your comfort zone and try more and more new things. You begin to see how the past fits in your life, the emotional pain becomes less because you KNOW that it all happened for a reason…….  All of it happened the way it was meant to, it happened because it made you who you are and through the awakening process you learn to not only LIKE who you are, but you LOVE who you are.

Life becomes fun. That is what life should be… FUN!!

I am a great believer in ‘Positive Thinking’… I also believe that there is great power in positive thinking. As the LOA shows us, we can bring great things into our lives by keeping your mind focused on a positive way of life.

I have had to tell 2 friends today that I cannot deal with their negative attitudes anymore.

One person has something negative to say to every positive statement I make on various internet sites that I belong to. Today I told this person to PLEASE not say anything unless it is positive.

I have another friend who e-mails me and asks the same questions and has done for 2 years, so of course my answers are the same to the same questions. I cannot help what the answers are, and because she chooses to not change her life she gets frustrated at me because the answers are the same. Well that is not my fault and I cannot help what the truth is, or that the truth can set you free should you choose to follow simple life rules. I told her that I have nothing left to give, that life is what we make it and I cannot deal with her blaming her life on me, I am responsible for my life and mine only!!

I have redefined my boundaries and I have a choice as to whether I choose to hear or see these negative comments…. I do not want it in my life!! This is what I choose!

To me being positive is choosing to be a spiritual warrior regardless of what we feel. I can take any negative thing I feel and turn it around. I learnt this from reading/watching many things, including the Secret by Rhonda Byrnes and What the ‘Bleep’ do we know and also from Eckhart Tolle the Power of Now. I am reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill at the moment, that also puts a lot of emphasis on thoughts.

What we think is important to our lives and what we can achieve. When your worrying and stressing you end up with a real negative feeling in your belly, this is a true indication that your thoughts are wrong. You can at any given moment, change what you feel, by changing what you think.

Try it now…. If you feel sad or mad try this…

Close your eyes (after you finished reading this of course) and think of a time when you were REALLY REALLY HAPPY.. be in your body and see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt. Really feel it. Make the picture big and bright and take a look around … How do you feel now?? Really Happy right??

If you feel Happy, try the opposite… but make sure you think of something happy to raise your happy vibration when you have finished. You can, if you want, choose what you feel and when you feel it. We are talking about every day life here, not when your grieving or being hurt or abused, that’s a whole new set of life tools… I am talking daily life, where we stress about money, illness, kids, washing up, shopping, etc!!

The Universe is made of energy, and so are we, I believe what we think about we bring about. I believe if we are positive happy thinking people then we attract positive happy people and situations to us…… if we are down and depressed and thinking ‘Why me? Bad stuff always happens to me’ then that is what will continue to happen.

I have had many people tell me this does not work, because they have tried it for 3 days … it takes 30 days to change things around, 30 days for your ‘subconscious’ mind to GET IT!! Then your there and life is so much easier!!

How do I know?? Well I can tell you that for more than 25 years I wanted to die, I hated life and I didn’t want  to be here. I had so much pain in my life and the only reason I continued to live was because I had kids. I had tried many times to take my life before I had kids, but it never seemed to go right!!

I am, now of course, really really happy that I never hurt myself to the point of no return, I am so happy that I have the life I want. No I do not have a huge house and masses of money, I have ME, I have found me and I have found what life means to me and I have healed my pain and I am truly, truly happy in my life, all because I changed my thoughts!!

One day, I will have the house, the money etc… because I choose to, life is a series of choices…


When I was 16 years old, a school friend was murdered by someone we knew. This shocked me to the core and changed who I was forever.  As I grew up I became obsessed with serial killers and stories of emotional pain. Then in my mid 20’s I started to look into the victims side, what it was like to be them. I started to read about the families of victims, how sometimes their last words were those of arguments.  This made me feel so sad. Imagine the person you love being murdered, and the last thing you said was words of anger, hate, frustration!! That scared me and I knew I wanted to never ever leave things in that way! Obviously with growing up I realised that death was not just about murder, but anything, at any time! There are 100’s of ways to die and death comes when it wants to!!

So I learnt from this and decided that I wanted to learn the art of conversation, and arguments. My relationship at this time was with a man who was having none of my new found wisdom. I used to beg him not to leave on an argument. He just did it all the more to hurt me.  Now the man I am with is amazing. almost 7 years together. Now we don’t argue, but back in the day when we did he would not walk out, he would sit in the garden instead. He respected my fear.

Out of this fear was born a kindness that I cannot explain. I don’t think about death in the way I used to, it is second nature to me to be kind to everyone now.  I will smile at the lady at the super market and say a nice heartfelt thankyou. I maybe the only person to do that day and what if she was to die on the way home??

I make sure that I give my kids love and kisses on the way out the door without fail… this comes from Dunblane!! I remember that day so well, My eldest son was due to start school a few months later. I wonder how many kids didn’t have a cuddle from their mum or dad that morning before they were killed!!  I wonder how many mums and dads lived with such HUGE regrets because they did not have the time to be kind to their kids.

I do not think about death, I think about life, and I live it, but I live it with care. I make sure that those I love feel loved by me, it is important for people to know that they matter. I extend my kindness to as many people as I can, random strangers, shop workers, school teachers, other parents…. I have to, it’s in me and life is about love and sharing, that is a gift we all have, to love and share with others.

Human beings are so scared of what the world has become, they stay afraid, unloved and alone. Life has more meaning than this and it is my job, from my heart to go and put as much kindness and love into the world as I can..

oh and this leads me to these guys…

These are the LOVE POLICE… that is the cheesiest name I have ever heard, but these guys are awesome, awesome, awesome… I love them, they are great… look for yourself!!

People think it is a little silly talking to themselves. Yet we talk to ourselves all the time.

We say things like…

“What shall I do today?”

“What can I wear out tonight?”

“I wonder what he is doing now?”

“Oh did I leave the cooker on?”

“I look fat in this”

“Oh I hate that girl”

So as you can see, hundreds and hundreds of times a day we speak to ourselves. Sometimes we have a two-way conversation going on with ourselves. Depending on your model of the world and how you see things will depend on what you say to yourself.

One of the first things I teach my clients is to talk to themselves in a nice way. To become their own best friend.

I suggest to them to take their own advice but take away the emotions that they have connected to the outcome or solution. What would they say to their dearest friend in the same situation as any you may face?

I used to hate myself, everything about me, I had the most awful time and allowed people to treat me in the most awful ways. But then one day all that changed and I knew I had to make a lot of changes in my life!!

From the day I started to act as my friend I began to heal. I stopped listening to what others thought of me and started to seek my own approval. I used to hate who I was and lets face it, when it comes to looking at ourselves for personal growth, very rarely do we like who we are. This is because until the moment you decide you want to take a journey to yourself and learn about the person you really are, you are really a product of everyone elses making. Your full of negative stuff passed on to you from your parents and friends and anyone else who was a part of your life. You carry all these things inside of you. In your subconscious mind, your conscious mind, your cells and every fibre of your being. You carry this  negativity around with you all your life, maybe acting in ways you don’t want to. Having behaviours that you just don’t understand. Thoughts that you hate but cannot get rid of.

Your life can seem like it is not yours, it can seem like every one thinks they know best for you, you never know who to listen to and you always get confused. Well then it is no wonder that when you really look at yourself you are someone you do not like, you are now a part of all the negative things in other  peoples lives rolled into one.. and that’s where you start from when you want to journey to self and find out who you are!!!

This is enough to make people back off from improving their lives. People have little or no self-esteem and no confidence so it is hard at that point to know where to go.

My clients go through an awful lot sometimes, telling themselves every day for 30 days how wonderful they are and changing their self talk. 30 days is what it takes to convince the subconscious mind that the new self talk is fact…

This is amazing, there are many good things to say to oneself everydayand many ways to be kind to yourself. You already do the self talk, so just make it nice.

Becoming your own best friend will transform your life forever!! You cannot ever go back to old ways of thinking.


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