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Well… I have a dell laptop… I have had it a little over 2 years… I have a 3 year Warranty..

The laptop has been fixed 3 times. Now it needs fixing again. It has already had 2 mother boards in 14 months. Now it needs another. Now Dell have offered to take it away for 7 days and fix it and test it. This is great, I am not ungrateful for this, but this is also not possible. I need my laptop for work, no laptop = no work = no food to feed my family… anyway.. I have been in talks with a guy, who hung up on me then denied it… this is the monkey.. I did message the organ grinder, Mr Dell himself, seems he is way to busy to answer the phone.. or respond to an e-mail.. seems he is too important to talk to as the ‘helper dude’ says I am not ‘allowed’ to speak to him… sure if I had money he would…

I have had enough, I have asked for a new laptop,  or a refurbished one, but they refuse, offering me the one think I have repeatedly told them I cannot do.

I am a spiritual life coach and couples counsellor I help people for free and earn little money in other ways. I have nothing, yet I give everything I can and everything I have for nothing in return… I do not honestly understand how any company or human can behave in this way!!

I will highly recommend that NO-One go to DELL… if you research you will find THOUSANDS of complaints online… I just wish I had researched the company in the beginning rather than the laptop itself.. I am now putting in an official complaint, I feel discriminated against because I am poor… I am also going to trading standards. This is causing me stress and losing me money because the laptop needs constant re-booting…

Oh well rant over…. DELL SUCK!!


Awsome list. Made me think and a great thing to share.

originally a rant I posted on alt.slack, I am reposting it here because… well… I feel like it. Everyone's already part of THE Conspiracy, the ultimate breathing-together. any time you've ever laughed at someone rather than with them, you're part of the Conspiracy. Any time you've ever mocked someone for doing what they are passionate about, you're part of the Conspiracy. Any time you decide to be an asshole rather than be a nice person becaus … Read More

via Holocaust Labs

I wanted to write about life. About the wonderful people in my life and the things that I can call my own.

I have the most wonderful partner, Sandi, he is soft and kind and gentle and is so loving and supportive. My children are wonderful and I have my beautiful friends… I feel so blessed to have met these wonderful people.  I love how they come to me for help, I like to feel that I have that use here on earth.  I like to quote the wonderful things I have learnt, and the one lines that can change lives… I like to lend out the books and DVDs that change how people see things. I want people to be free from emotional pain and not care what others think!

People become afraid of me and the help I can give, several people I know act like they hate me, when in fact it is fear, fear of what I know and fear that I KNOW them and who they are and what they are.  I can see through their shit and that scares them.  The latest one is a friend’s wife, she is scared, nasty, spiteful and vindictive. She manipulates people and does not like the truth, she hates that I can see this, so acts like I am the one who is bad.  It is not her fault that she is like this, this is her own fear and sadly she is not awake to life!   The good thing is in this respect, is that people like her blab about how bad I am, and then everyone can see the truth. I fear not, I care not what she thinks of me, it is none of my business. What is my business is what I think of me. I love and respect myself, I am a good person and I do good things. The people I work with end up standing up for themselves and they find inner strength… I love the fact that my friends allow me to work with them, I love how I have made friends from the clients I have had!

Life is amazing, no-one and nothing can touch me, not unless I give them the power!

Well as I mentioned I joined Macmillan, I followed the rules and did what I was meant to and yet today I got booted!!

In this country, this WORLD we are MADE to be quiet when we speak the truth.

MMS is that powerful that it is banned in Canada (so I read online yesterday… ) and soon in USA with the Codex coming into play!!

Just do your own research and if you have terminal cancer… this will help you, Chemo and radiotherapy will kill you quicker!! Learn to see what is going on around you!! Freedom does not exist unless we demand it!!


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