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Hello, been a long time since I updated, I go off from time to time and don’t go near anything but Face Book..

I just wanted to post this information, Bill Maloney from Pie and Mash films needs help guys.

This is info from Facebook.———————————————————————————————————

Documentary Filmmaker
‘A maverick for the ‘people’

BILL MALONEY: “No one’s ever tried making films like this before. As a filmmaker and a child abuse survivor I realised that if the subject was to get a wider audience the films had to be gritty, informative and entertaining.”

Bill Maloney is a cockney speaking Irishman. His parents came over to England in the early 50’s. Bill was born in Lambeth hospital in 1956; he lived in Paddington, Brixton, Peckham and Lewisham and experienced similar discrimination as his black ‘brothers & sisters’. By the time he was 20 he had spent 14 years in different institutions, brought about by the brutality of his Mother and Father’s alcoholism, which had decimated his family (8 siblings – all of whom were severely abused within the UK care authorities.)

Bill’s Mother left the family home when he was four. She became a prostitute in order to feed her drink and drugs habit. Bill’s Father worked in the tunnels. He was a foreman in charge of a gang of Irish navies on the Victoria tube line. As Bill puts it
“They dug it, they laid the tracks, they ate in it, they urinated in it, they defecated in it, and some died in it. The life these men led was hard and brutal. Drink expelled the pain and suffering but it didn’t help their families who became dysfunctional”.

Bill believes his documentary filmmaking talent was shaped in those early years: “I would put myself into fantasy stories to escape the brutality of ‘carers in children’s homes’ and the pain of solitary confinement in Young Offenders Institutions and Borstals. Rebellion, humour and a compassion for the underdog were to become my friends and strongest allies.”

After acting opposite Colin Firth and Orlando Bloom and the success of his first feature films, Bill took the decision to walk away from a lucrative filmmaking career to utilise his skills to make campaigning documentaries focusing on institutional child abuse and the erosion of civil liberties.

The trauma and abuse received in care, be it mental or physical, contributed massively towards the skills that this writer/director/actor/presenter would need to shoot the cutting edge, and controversial documentaries that are creating his signature around the world. His empathy gives license to survivors to tell their own stories freely, creating unsanitised, uncensored, engaging and electrically charged films.

Bill’s life-turning point came at the age of 34 on a bitter January night in the early hours of the morning when an alcohol-fed undiagnosed ulcer erupted, almost bleeding him to death.

That was 20 years ago. Since then Bill has developed his writing, acting, directing and presentation talents. These are best witnessed in his cutting edge films, and documentaries some of which have won awards throughout Europe and America.

Bill and his co-filmmaker Lilly Starr, have developed their style -charging in where angles fear to tread. They put the audience into their films as ‘the third eye’. Their highly energised banter and choreography gives their set locations and productions a definite new dimension.

Documentaries to date:
• The Kids Punch Back (2011)
• 4Ward Forever The Heroes (2010)
• The Street Politicians (2010)
• Adam Rickwood & The Medomsley Heroes (2010)
• G20 RAW (2009)
• Sun Sea & Satan (2009)
• Billy & Lilly go to New York (2008)



I am in NO way associated to Pie and Mash films or Bill, other than I fully support, in my heart, the work he is doing. I am not pulling a plug here, I really want you to support him if you can, either buy a DVD, Make a donation or post links to his Website.

Thankyou friends.


Esoteric agenda.


Interview with Ben Stewart on FreeZone

A great Gentle soul who knows what his heart is telling him. He does an awful lot of research and knows his stuff… well worth watching, and you never know it may have a HUGE impact on you, I know it did with me.



I have not written in a while. I have been on another journey to self. I am like everyone else, I have my good days and my bad days. The difference is I accept the bad days. I allow them to come and go and know and believe that everything will be ok. Each bad day leads to a deeper knowing of self.

I have known for a long time that life goes deeper than we could ever imagine, and I know that a lot is hidden from us.

I have been learning about the 12 strands of DNA, if they were all activated then we would be amazing people, not that we are not amazing anyway, we would be ‘whole’. We are amazing creatures, with the capacity to love so much and be so honest and respectful. A society was created and we leant to separate ourselves as countries, races, gender, age and we even managed to segregate ourselves from animals. We created the world we live in through our collective consciousness. The only way we can heal it is through that same collective consciousness.

We beat ourselves up emotionally and we have little or no emotional intelligence as a world. That is not saying that many individuals do not have emotional intelligence because there are many, but as a whole, we separate and divide rather love and come together. We have of course been programmed to do this through media, music and films and not to forget schools.

We as humans make mistakes but we have been taught to feel guilty forever. To carry our sins and never forgive ourselves. But that is just silly. The point of mistakes is to learn, we must have lessons so that we can go on and learn and grow as a spiritual being, regardless of what form that takes. We need mistakes and we to understand that really, mistakes are just lessons. We need to take the lesson, look at it truthfully and feel the emotions and then forgive ourselves and move on.

When a friend comes to us and tell us they have made a mistake, we do not sit there and say ‘Oh my god, your horrible, how could you do that. You just have to feel bad about that every day and I will remind you of how horrible you are. Every time you have a laugh or do something you enjoy I will remind you how horrible you are because of what you did’… Ok so you get my point?

What we would do is see our friends model of the world and try to understand why they did it, we would help then see many reasons why they may have done it, because we love them. We allow them to talk it through and we feel for them and maybe hug them or hold a hand. Yet to our own selves we throw abuse. Self talk is so important.

We have to love ourselves, not in an ego way, but in a way that allows you to treat yourself with so much love and respect. We show this by giving ourselves a nice talking to, a decent partner, loving home, a joyful job, decent supportive friends and then that is what you reflect in the world. When you reflect that in the world you are oooozing love and support for others, you help them heal their pain. You need to learn to do that with your self.


I have wanted to draw my whole life.  I am very art in the fact that I make cards, Jewellery etc.. but I wanted to be a pencil drawer. I wanted to learn shading and tones. I wanted to be an artist, but no matter how hard I tried, it never happened!  Then over the years I have learnt how to get over the emotional pain that I felt and have awakened spiritually.. and I think this is the result…

Then the other day, this happened!

Ok so they are not the worlds best pictures, but that means I can draw, if this is my first time of drawing… what will I be like in a year?

I LOVE the ability to just sit and create….

I have been well for a while. Then everyone around me got a cold, even people who had not been in contact with each other had the same symptoms as the rest of us who had.

We found that many people on the other side of the world had the same symptoms to and all on the same day…

I am now ill, not like a cold, not like a cough, like something I don’t really know, but I am coughing up yellow mucus and I have had an uncomfortable throat for days.

I believe this is a result of chemtrails. I believe whatever they have been spraying has caused this. MMS works in an instant and helps me cough up what ever I need to clear out so that I can breathe properly. I have no idea how I would cope without MMS.

People need to wake up and start doing their research into chemtrails. It is scary, but it is happening.

Chemtrails are poison that is sprayed into the air for whatever reason we don’t know.

Do your own research there is enough evidence all over the net, plenty of professionals who support the research.

Start here..

WAKE UP…… You NEED to… They are Killing us and it is no joke!!

Well, what can I say?? MMS, or Water purification as it is now being called is just simply amazing. I, myself have got down to 2 drops a day, twice a day. Every now and then I cough up phlegm, not much and not often, Just as I need to.

People need to wake up to what the pharmaceutical companies are doing. MMS is a cure in my opinion. Everything the doctor gave me did not work, and this MMS is amazing and has given me back my life. My asthma was so bad, my immune system was shot to death and now I feel on top of the world.

Pharmaceutical companies do not deal in cures, there is no money in a cure. I have watched first hand what this can do for other illnesses like arthritis, headaches, hay fever, asthma, etc … this is one of those chances that you would want to take… the only things you ever regret are the chances that you do not take….

Please feel free to ask questions, I would be more than willing to help. In fact I have been asked to sell it over here and I think I may just do that.

I Thank Jim Humble from the bottom of my heart, I admit I was scared to start with, but with his help and his website I was informed every step of the way about what to do.

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. The new mixture is great, a one and one mixture that is ready to drink with non concentrated apple juice after only 20 seconds. You feel the healing straight away, well I did, as did all my friends that now take it. Some people brought it just in case they may need it in the future… they saw what it did for me and that was that!!

I have not always been the nicest person, I have spewed so much negative energy into the world… it is true that you live what you learn and that’s what I did until about 14-16 years ago. I was shocked when I learnt that there was a different way to be. I could not believe the person I had become over the years and wanted so bad to change it. It was so easy to be mean to people, I knew it well, but to be nice, in the face of ANY behaviour was harder, and sometimes I still fail at it… sometimes I get pulled into the gossip without realising it.  When I recover from that I make sure I put it right. I have to do what is right for the world, not just myself. This is a drive like no other. The old behaviour is like a drug, it seeps back in when it can, it takes hold of me. It is like the alcoholic that has one more drink and before he knows it he is a drunk again!!

It is hard to be nice all of the time, especially when we live in a world full of hatred. I want to be the change that I want to see. I want to be love and kindness. I don’t always have answers for myself, I sometimes have to pretend to myself that I am my client and what would I say to make it right.

Someone has to take the lead, and I get an awful lot of opposition for telling the truth as it is, even when delivered in love. I want people to know what is going on in the world, what is happening to us as a race. The human race is on a time limit and we have to make changes now. I want to be part of that. I want to spread nothing but love.

I do though, forgive myself for anything negative that occurs from time to time. It is never all the time, just some of it.

I know that love is the answer to everything, to let go of all hate and anger and allow love to flow.

For today and the rest of the week I shall be working on this. I want to be the peaceful warrior.. with nothing but love to give. This is my promise to myself.


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  • Maria Maloney: Thank you for your post Kat. It's really appreciated. Many of our full length documentaries are also available to view free online directly from our w
  • rex: chemtrails are sprayed by the military satanists to kill you.(slow kill) watch tim rifat on you tube its blood ritual and pop reduction
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