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Living My Life On Purpose!

I am an NLP practitioner and spiritual life coach. I am also in training for couples counselling and everyday life coaching.

I have spent my life healing my pain! I am a survivor of child abuse, not only that but all the things that come from being abused, like losing my family because they never believed me, losing a child…. self harm, drugs etc!

I am now healed and incredibly happy with myself and my life. I spend my time helping people and showing people how it can be done!! Life is for living ……………………….. so live it!!


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  • Maria Maloney: Thank you for your post Kat. It's really appreciated. Many of our full length documentaries are also available to view free online directly from our w
  • rex: chemtrails are sprayed by the military satanists to kill you.(slow kill) watch tim rifat on you tube its blood ritual and pop reduction
  • pienmash: Thank you for your support Kat. We have now made a number of our activist films available FREE online. Our latest feature-length documentaries can be
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