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It is with the greatest of pleasure that I announce..

Posted on: August 21, 2010

I feel healed from MMS…

I no longer need my inhaler… I can breathe really well. I have found that a hernia in my belly button is the cause of coughing up clear phlegm. I did my research because I wondered why I was coughing this up and as it turns out it is nothing to do with my chest. Because of this hernia I get a bit chesty from time to time, normally after a big meal, but I have learnt this is all part of the hernia and the inhaler does not work for that anyway, so I know it is not asthma related.

I am so chuffed and happy to report this to you all. To know that I am healed is an amazing feeling.

I have helped many people with MMS lately and well I advise anyone to give it a try. A good 3-4 months is needed in some cases.

I have now watched 3 people with arthritis heal, one person with carpal tunnel syndrome heal and many people with coughs. This is amazing.



2 Responses to "It is with the greatest of pleasure that I announce.."

I have been using MMS for 1.5 years, daily, on my teeth and gums. It has kept a small abscess at bay. I take 2 drops per day as maintenance and for keeping the body balanced. I prefer to activate with fresh lime juice.

Well done, so many people are scared to try, but it works and that is all I can say.
If you were to take it orally just one drop a day (drink it) then that would rid you of your abscess as opposed to just keeping it at bay.
Good Luck and Well done x

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