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Well this weekend and the week that follows my life is about to change a huge amount.

I am going off to become an NLP practitioner.

NLP means Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is about the excellence of the mind.

I know alot about people, I have people watched since I was about 4 years old and I have studied them aswell. People have their own perception of the world and that where NLP can help. it can help with your fears and phobias and  also limiting beliefs that stop you moving forward.

I am also a life coach and spiritual life coach and soon also qualify as a couples counsellor. I just want to help people. So far I have worked for free, I do feel that we pay nothing in money to get in an emotional dis-ease so why pay to heal it??

Although this is my theory it does not mean that it works well in practice. I will soon need to start charging a small fee or asking for donations!!

I am good at what I do, I have not failed anyone yet that I know of, and I have helped hundreds of people. I don’t know people in the ‘way’ that psychologist do, although I have done psychology and sociology. I look at people for who they are. In the ‘systems’ way of helping people you all have to fall in certain categories, if you don’t then they will make a new cetegory for you to fit into… that is why so many new mentle health illnessess have come to be in the last 20 – 40 years.

The human brain is a complex thing, and knows how to run your mind and body from the subconscious level. When we allow our subconscious to connect with our conscious mind then we have a way of creating a mind of excellence.

My job is to help you get there. The reason I am doing NLP is to help my clients get there quicker!!



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